Since June 6th, 2005 the requirements according to the electronic submission of "Notices of Arrival/Departure" for vessels in U.S. Trade are in force. While the National Vessel Movement Center of the United States accepts different forms of submitting the NOA/D e.g. by using a so called Excel Workbook Spreadsheet, E-mail, or the USCG Online Submission System - the Custom & Border Protection of the U.S. (CBP) requires an "Electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure" only. The eNOA/D also contains all crew and passenger data which are required for the Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS).
By using MARSIG's eNOA/D Editor the user fulfills both the requirements of the NVMC and CBP and so only one form has to be submitted to the NVMC. This authority will forward the eNOA/D automatically to the CBP for crew/passenger registration.

The eNOA/D which has to be generated by different means is a so-called "xml" formatted file. Its content must base on the current USCG XML Business Scheme. For more information about the possible means of generating and submitting the eNOA/D please visit the web sites of the U.S. National Vessel Movement Center and the U.S. Custom & Border Protection.

MARSIG's eNOA/D Editor is a reasonable software, which contains the NOA/D form and a xml-generator for creating the required electronic scheme. By using this software you are able to produce the required xml files which you can submit as an ordinary email attachment to the USCG NVMC.

eNOA Editor - The Features:
  • matches the USCG Business Rules for eNOA/D
  • in compliance with the latest USCG eNOA/D XML Scheme
  • fulfills simultaneously the requirements of CBP's Advanced Passenger Information System
  • simple Windows software (supports Win XP, Vista, 7)
  • saving and re-using of prepared NOA's for follow-up NOA's
  • correctness check of all entered data

Following please find some example views. Please click the Thumbnails for enlargement.

start screen

vessel data screen

arrival data screen with missing information

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