Fire Detection Plants play an important part in fire detection and fire fighting on board each ship providing Shipmasters and officers first information about a possible outbreak of fire and its location in most cases. The Video Graphic System VGS for Fire Detection Plants represents a progressive possibility to display visually all signals arriving in a modern fire alarm system by means of a graphic user surface tailored to the respective ship. VGS supplies a detailed and exact information about type and origin of an occuring alarm up to a precise determination of the position of the alarm indicator at one sight.

The M/V "Deutschland" of Shipping Company Deilmann is
equipped with the Video Graphic System
VGS - The Features:
  • Self-sustaining activation of the respective deck graph on arrival of an alarm
  • Destinction between pre alarm, technical alarm, fault alarm and fire alarm by means of a plain language display in the status window and colouration of the affected area
  • Detail enlargement of all decks with indication of the sensor alarms released, activated or turned off sprinkler areas, fire door and damper functions
  • It is easily to understand by using of uniform IMO symbols
  • Representation of the general status of all fire doors and damper system, and of the sprinklöer system in a survey window
  • Integrated record function for automatic store of alarms and false alarms
  • Representation of the status, the area description and the address of every sensor

Following please find some example views. Please click the Thumbnails for enlargement.

released fire alarm

released sprinkler alarm

on board installation of a VGS in
co-operation with a Servoteknikk
Fire Alarm Panel

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